Size matters! Whether you're confidently curvy or small but perfectly formed, Myla has a range of gorgeous bras for every size and shape. From fun and flirty styles for nights out with the girls to super sexy styles designed to make you queen of the boudoir, follow our handy size guide to ensure that, whatever the occasion,you're dressed to thrill. 

Size most definitely matters when it comes to finding the perfect fit. A well-fitting bra will not only look fabulous, giving you a sensational silhouette and helping you to walk tall, it'll feel amazing, too. Everyone will wonder what's put that smile on your face! 

Don't forget that you'll change size several times in your life. Gaining or losing a few pounds, pregnancy, age and even taking medication can all play a part in what size bra you need, so keep checking to make sure your best assets always have all the support they need.

Measure up

Dig out the tape measure girls, it's time to discover your vital statistics! When measuring yourself you may want to wear a bra for some uplift - but we recommend a non-wired and non-padded style to get an accurate reading.

Let's start with your back size. Wrap the tape measure (may we suggest using a fabric one) around your rib cage, just under your bust. Pull it snug but not too tight -it shouldn't cut into your skin unless you want your bra to do the same! Make sure it's flat and level around your back.

  • If the measurement in inches is an even number, add another four
  • If the measurement in inches is an odd number, add another five

This gives you your back size. So, if you measured 30 inches you should add four to give you a back size of 34; if you measured 31, you add five to get a back sizeof 36.

Now for the cup size. Measure around the fullest part of your bust, again making sure the tape is flat and horizontal against your back. Your cup size is the difference between this measurement and your back size:

Difference between back & cup measurement Cup size
the back and cup measurements are the same A
a difference of 1"/2.5cm B
a difference of 2"/5cm C
a difference of 3"/7.5cm D
a difference of 4"/10cm DD
a difference of 5"/12.5cm E

So, if your back measurement was 36 and you measured 36 around your bust, your bra size is 36A. If your back measurement was 34 and your bust measurement 36, you rbra size is 34C. It really is as easy as A, B, C - and DD!

And for our international friends, here's how back sizes translate around the world: 

UK/USA European French Italian Australian Universal
30 65 80 0 8 XS
32 70 85 1 10 S
34 75 90 2 12 M
36 80 95 3 14 L
38 85 100 4 16 XL

Top tips for a perfect fit

The centre 'bridge' between the cups should lie flat and snug against your chest.

If the bra is too loose around the edges, try a smaller cup size.

Avoid the dreaded "double bust" look - if your breasts spill over the cups, trygoing up a cup size for a smoother silhouette and better support.

Your bra should never ride up your back - apart from being a fashion faux pas, it's a sign your bra isn't supporting you properly and can be very uncomfortable. Try reducing the back size and increasing the cup size - for example, if a 36B is causing you problems, try a 34C.

Make sure your straps are adjusted to the right length. Your bra should not be supported by the straps but by the band around your rib cage. If your straps leave marks, this is a sign that they're bearing too much of the weight - try a smaller back size.

Underwire digging in at the side is another no-no, so if you have this problem try a bra with a bigger cup size.

Don't forget to move around when trying on a bra for the first time - have a little boogie around your bedroom to make sure you're supported in all the right places!

Brief encounters

Most of our knickers and thongs come in extra small, small, medium and large but some styles will be duel sized and come in small/medium and medium/large. To see what size you'll need, check your waist measurement against this chart:

Waist (inches) 23 25 27 29 31
Waist (cm) 59 64 69 74 79
Hips (inches) 33 35 37 39 41
Hips (cm) 84 89 94 99 104

Beach babes

Our swimwear is so sensational you'll be the hottest thing under the sun. Choose the right fit and you'll be positively sizzling! Available in small, medium and large, match your dress size according to the chart below:

UK US German French Italian Australian
S 10 6 36 38 42 10
M 12 8 38 40 44 12
L 14 10 40 42 46 14

Some expert advice

Don't forget, if you're uncertain about taking your own measurements, simply pop into one of our boutiques where one of our fully trained sales advisers will be happy to give you an expert fitting and pick out some fantastic styles to make the most of your size and shape.